CHC - San Manuel Band of Mission Indians ISEEK Scholarship

San Manuel Band of Mission Indians ISEEK Scholarship – The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians supports the Crafton Hills College Foundation’s Increasing Student Engagement, Employment & Knowledge (ISEEK) program. The ISEEK program combines scholarships and student employment opportunities to help students stay connected with the college, succeed in their classes, and reach their educational goals. On-campus student employment helps students pay for enrollment fees, textbooks, transportation and other expenses that may otherwise interfere with their ability to stay in school. Scholarships encourage student success, relieve financial burden, offer inspiration and validate the importance of education. Criteria: Awarded to a student continuing at Crafton Hills College or transferring to a four-year institution. Evidence of engagement; for example: participation in clubs, student employment, participation in college events (e.g., Waa’t, performing arts, Gala, Friends of Crafton Hills College, family day), etc.

Crafton Hills College