SBVC - Frederic A. Wolfe Memorial Scholarship

Professor Frederic A. Wolfe was a gifted educator who was able to make Calculus challenging and fun. He held his student’s interest and attention with his unique teaching style. And he believed that a good math problem was like a puzzle to be solved. He taught at SBVC from 1959-1984 and served as Faculty Association President for the 1968-1969 academic year. A native of Vallejo, California, Professor Wolfe and his family remained in the San Bernardino area after his retirement and until his passing in 2011.

The Frederic A. Wolfe Memorial Scholarship is awarded to an engineering or science major that has completed advanced mathematics at SBVC with a grade of B or better and who intends to transfer to a four year institution.

The scholarship is funded by a grateful student.

San Bernardino Valley College