CHC - Dr. Daniel Bahner Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Daniel Bahner was a member of the English Department beginning his career at Crafton Hills College in 1991 and serving the campus until his untimely passing in 2015. During those twenty-four years Daniel served the campus in so many ways, leading the campus into new areas and creating new programs including; Chair of the English Department, President of the Academic Senate, Co-Founder of the Honors Program, Development of Supplemental Instruction and Learning Communities, Director of the Crafton Hills College Foundation.
Daniel will always be part of the fabric of this campus, and remembered as an inspiring educator, a recalcitrant optimist, a rugged individualist, an instigator of BHAG’s, a walking History book, an endless creator of catchy acronyms, not to mention a tireless teacher, mentor, sage, confidant, colleague and friend. Family, friends and colleagues of Dr. Daniel Bahner established this endowed scholarship to celebrate Daniel’s commitment to the campus and the range of successful impacts he made here. Daniel Bahner was, in fact, the person who most exemplified the true spirit of Crafton Hills College.
Criteria: Must be a full time student and active in the Honors Program. GPA to be 3.25 or higher and student must be continuing at Crafton or transferring to a 4-year institution.

Crafton Hills College