SBVC - Andrew Kelly Houston Memorial Scholarship

Andrew Kelly Houston 23 year old young man loved by family and friends departed this earth on August 10, 2020. Andrew possessed many talents and skills. A young age he attended football games, concerts and other events at San Bernardino Valley College. He wanted to play football at the College of course we told him that he could but he had to graduate from high school but he insisted that he could play while still in elementary school. As I look back, he probably could have played. Whatever Andrew put his mind to do he could do it. Everything from putting up tents, playing football, basketball, working on cars to teaching himself to play the guitar. His passion was rebuilding vintage cars and trucks. There are stories that can be told about his successes and adventures in rebuilding cars. His friends say he was better at tearing them apart none the less they could depend on him for a ride to work or from work. Most times they would make it. He made it a point to help anyone who asked. I really believe, when it came to building cars, Andy viewed them like going on a trip. He seemed to like the journey as much as arriving at the destination. All the preparation in ordering the parts, tearing down the car seem to give him great pleasure. As much as the finished project. His heart was big and he cared even more about others than he did about himself. He loved the simple things but was annoyed about the petty ones. Superficial things were of little concern. The heart of a person was more important than outward appearances. His love for playing the guitar was his way of escaping into his own world. He encouraged his friends to learn to play. A few tried but never had the passion like Andy. Playing his guitars was his God given talent. He played four different ones depending on the music type. To see him play was a joy because it was more than obvious that he was within his groove. He needed no approval from an audience for his playing was his enjoyment.

San Bernardino Valley College